PLAYBALL, the educational rugby ball designed by Brian Liebenberg

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Technical Tips & Advice


When I played at the Stade Français or in Equipe de France, my role was to move forward with my physical power, because world rugby led to this style of play. However my training was based mainly on individual technique and it allowed to be effective on the ground when my physique was no longer sufficient.

Rugby is not only physical, but for the past ten years learning French rugby has been based mainly on physical dominance and contact. Pure technique has been abandoned. I wish the French rugby again become a technical game of avoidance, not only of the impact.

And I would so much like to find this French flair which seduced me so much in my professional career… We obviously always need an excellent physique for performance, but it is time to go back to basics and reintegrate the art of handling the ball in training.

The PLAYBALL Concept

When I stopped playing, it was obvious that I had to give back to French rugby what it had given me. So I developed Playball, a concept that allows you to work on learning the technique in a fun and friendly way, both during training and leisure time, with initiates and non-initiates, girls, boys, on field or hard surface …

The Playball concept comes with a ball and a rule set.

Today, recognized by educators in rugby schools and in extracurricular activities in France and abroad, as a real educational tool, it is a simple, effective and cheap tool.

My Rugby School Internships

My goal is to transmit my passion to young players, helping them to develop technical skills that will allow them to have fun on land. I intervene in rugby schools by organizing day or multi-day courses, based on the technique and its learning, but I also set up interventions in the extracurricular with targeted training for school educators and workshops for the beginners.

These courses allow young people to meet and train with professionals players, to learn with them the basic techniques while having fun, to discover a new game that they can also practice anywhere, any when and with anyone.

My individual technique training routines for coaches and educators

Integrate “individual technical” training routines designed by Brian Liebenberg for educators and coaches

Today, my Playball concept is no longer seen only as a game with an oval ball, it is recognized by educators, coaches as an educational tool. So, in addition to the Playball concept, I set up the SQUARE OF COACHES a technical training area to integrate into training. It allows you to work in a very short time (10 to 15 mm) the 6 main passes of rugby (twisted, simple, on the foot, pass on a step, drop, hooker throw). I assume that players from an early age must learn to do the right things, and you have to create complete players. The SQUARE OF COACHES is fun, full of challenges, allows the educator to quickly visualize the progress of the player, to correct individually and allows all players to touch the ball during training a maximum number of times.

PLAYBALL and schools

School is the perfect place to give the taste of rugby. My goal is to develop a safe play approach. I avoid all bodily contact to lift the apprehension it generates in many children, so the free spirit of children takes ownership of individual technique, rules and fundamentals.

The Playball ball becomes a real practical and effective tool and in addition, the Playball game: :

can be played by all, promotes diversity

is spectacular, playful, made of avoidance and passes

is contactless and hyper active

is played with a reduced and modular workforce

The Playball concept also raises awareness, trains and makes it easier for school teachers to teach rugby.

Rugby in business

AN EVENT DAY AROUND RUGBY which is not just an event and which is not just rugby.

In collaboration with the Avantages Compétences (Skills Advantage) training center, I work in companies by integrating rugby workshops with the Playball. Rugby has many values ​​in common with the business world: surpassing oneself, solidarity between colleagues, whether one is on the same team or in different teams, individual and collective performance, motivation, respect instructions, complicated rules of the game … In addition, it is better to have a champion team than champions! A good coach must know how to define precise roles for each one, make sure to work collectively and know how to analyze the strategy of the whole team in order to stimulate the commitment which will bring about the result.

We suggest that your operational teams acquire “this commitment” to obtain a decisive difference. This “commitment” is the important data to be determined before training. It is in line with your managerial concerns and with the challenges of your business.

Our added value is to help you identify it and translate it into very concrete educational workshops in relation to the daily lives of your employees. These workshops are built according to our Quality processes.

In the end, your employees have a renewed vision of their work and the added value they represent in the value chain.

This approach is fun and allows to bring back behavioral spontaneity in order to allow an awareness of the reflexes of each. It contributes to achieving the objectives related to the challenges of the company.

Our approach is based on a 4-step process: 1. Analysis of your request 2. Construction of progression with alternating educational and rugby workshops 3. Realization of the training action 4. Feedback on the training experience and synthesis with key messages.